Before you call

Before you call, there are several steps that you can take to try and solve the problem yourself. If you decide that you do need to call for assistance, gather the information that will be needed by the service technician to more quickly resolve your problem.

Attempt to resolve the problem yourself

You can solve many problems without outside assistance by following the troubleshooting procedures that Lenovo provides in the online help or in the Lenovo product documentation. The Lenovo product documentation also describes the diagnostic tests that you can perform. The documentation for most systems, operating systems, and programs contains troubleshooting procedures and explanations of error messages and error codes. If you suspect a software problem, see the documentation for the operating system or program.

You can take these steps to try to solve the problem yourself:

Gathering information needed to call Support

If you require warranty service for your Lenovo product, the service technicians will be able to assist you more efficiently if you prepare the appropriate information before you call. You can also go to Lenovo Product Warranty Plans for more information about your product warranty.

Gather the following information to provide to the service technician. This data will help the service technician quickly provide a solution to your problem and ensure that you receive the level of service for which you might have contracted.

As an alternative to calling Lenovo Support, you can go to Submit An eTicket to submit an Electronic Service Request. Submitting an Electronic Service Request will start the process of determining a solution to your problem by making the pertinent information available to the service technicians. The Lenovo service technicians can start working on your solution as soon as you have completed and submitted an Electronic Service Request.