FQXSFMA0008M : DIMM [arg1] has failed the POST memory test [arg2].

DIMM [arg1] has failed the POST memory test [arg2].



User Response

Complete the following steps:
  1. You must AC-cycle the system to re-enable affected DIMM connector or re-enable manually using F1 setup
  2. If the node has been recently installed, serviced, moved, or upgraded, check to ensure that DIMMs are firmly seated and that no foreign material can be seen in the DIMM connector. If either condition is observed, correct and retry with the same DIMM. (Note: Event Log may contain a recent FQXSFMA0011IA4 event denoting detected change in DIMM population that could be related to this problem.)
  3. If problem persists, replace the DIMM identified by LightPath and/or event log entry. If this is a flash DIMM, make sure it is still under warranty before replacing it.
  4. If problem re-occurs on the same DIMM connector, swap the other DIMMs on the same memory channel across channels one at a time to a different memory channel or Processor. (check service information for this product/Install guide for population requirements for sparing/paring modes). If problem follows a moved DIMM to a different memory channel, replace that DIMM. If this is a flash DIMM, make sure it is still under warranty before replacing it.
  5. Check Lenovo support site for an applicable service bulletin or firmware update that applies to this memory error.
  6. If problem stays with the original DIMM connector, re-inspect DIMM connector for foreign material and remove, if found. If connector is damaged, replace compute book.
  7. Remove affected Processor and inspect Processor socket pins for damaged or mis-aligned pins. If damage is found, or this is an upgrade Processor, replace the compute book. If there are multiple Processor’s, swap Processor’s to move affected Procesor to another Processor socket and retry. If problem follows the affected Processor (or there is only one Processor), replace the affected Processor.