FQXSFPU0023G : Secure Boot Image Verification Failure Warning.

Secure Boot Image Verification Failure Warning.



User Action

Complete the following steps:
  1. It's a security warning message when user want to boot from an unauthorized UEFI image or OS while Secure Boot is enabled and Secure Boot Mode is in User Mode. If customer does not want to boot any unauthorized UEFI image or OS, please remove that bootable device.
  2. If customer does want to boot this unauthorized UEFI image or OS, there're two ways to allow system boot from this unauthorized image, the first is to disable Secure Boot, the second is to enroll the unauthorized image into DB(Authorized Signature Database).b.Enroll the unauthorized UEFI Image. assert the Physical Presence and then change Secure Boot Policy to Custom Policy ( in Setup -> System Settings -> Security -> Security Boot Configuration -> Security Boot Policy), then enter into "Security Boot Custom Policy" Menu, press the "Enroll Efi Image" button, select the unauthorized UEFI Image in the popup box. (NOTE: There're two ways to assert Physical Presence. 1) switch Physical Presence Jumper to ON ; 2) If the Physical Presence Policy has been set to enabled ( F1 Setup -> System Settings -> Security -> Physical Presence Policy Configuration), user is allowed to assert remote Physical Presence via IPMI tool.)
  3. If the problem persists, collect Service Data logs.
  4. Contact Lenovo Support.