LAN configuration parameters

The following table is detail parameters for LAN configuration .

Table 1. LAN configuration parameters
Parameter selector # Parameter data (non-volatile)
Address source 0x04

IP address source

data1 - obtain IP address method:

1h: Static IP address

2h: DHCP only

4h: First DHCP, then static IP address

Host Name 0xC3

BMC hostname

data 1: string length, max = 63

Data 2-N: the string of BMC hostname

DNS Domain Name 0xC4

DNS Domain Name. Set operation implicates using static for DNS Domain Name.

Note: The setting of “Use DHCP for DNS Domain Name” will be disabled

Data 1: string length, max = 237

Data 2-N: the string of DNS Domain name

DHCP Send Hostname option 0xC5


0 = Disabled

1 = Enabled