Node operator panel

The following illustration shows the controls and LEDs on the node operator panel.

Figure 1. Node operator panel
Node operator panel
Table 1. Node operator panel
1 NMI pinhole 3 Identification button/LED
2 System error LED 4 Power button/LED

1 NMI pinhole: Insert the tip of a straightened paper clip into this pinhole to force a non-maskable interrupt (NMI) upon the node, and consequent memory dump would take place. Only use this function while advised by Lenovo support representative.

2 System error LED: When this LED (yellow) is lit, it indicates that at least one system error has occurred. Check the event log for additional information.

3 Identification button/LED: This LED (blue) serves to visually locate the compute node, and can be turned on with pressing on the identification button or the following commands.

4 Power button/LED: When this LED is lit (green), it indicates that the node has power. This green LED indicates the power status of the compute node: