Install the middle air baffle

Use this information to install the middle air baffle.

About this task
Attention: Read the Installation guidelines to ensure that you work safely.
Watch the procedure. A video of the installation process is available:


Figure 1. Middle air baffle installation
Middle air baffle installation

  1. Align the middle air baffle tabs with the baffle slots located on both sides of the compute node in between DIMM connectors 1 to 8 and 9 to 16.
  2. Lower the middle air baffle into the compute node and press it down until it is securely seated.
    • For proper cooling and airflow, reinstall the middle air baffle before you turn on the compute node. Operating the node without the middle air baffle might damage node components.

    • Pay attention to the cables routed along the sidewalls of the compute node as they may catch under the middle air baffle.