Event Log

Event log tab allow users to view SEL (System Event Log) and perform backup/restore/restore to default operations.

There are three major sections under Event Log tab:

SEL logs chassis level info/warning/critical events so that user can get some clues of what is going on in the chassis. A maximum number of 511 event entries can be logged.

By default, the latest entry is at the last page as events are sorted by occurring order from earliest in time to the latest. Click on Date/Time can reorder the sorting from latest to earliest event.

Note: Currently, new event cannot be written into the log when it is full. User needs to manually clear log before latest event can be logged.
Figure 1. Event Log
Event Log

For detailed event log messages, please see Messages and Codes Reference at http://thinksystem.lenovofiles.com/help/index.jsp.