Activate the system

ThinkSystem SE350 server is shipped in locked state for security. Before operation, server needs to be activated to be fully functional. Follow the detailed steps below to activate the system.

Create a Lenovo ID

For more information, see the latest activation guides in Documentation on support site.

Use existing Lenovo ID or create a new one to log in the ThinkSystem Key Vault Portal or ThinkShield mobile APP.

Activation methods

There are two different methods to active the server. Depending on the environment of the server, decide the most suitable way to activate the server.

  1. Mobile App connection

    After downloading the mobile App for ThinkSystem SE350, connect mobile phone with the server and activate the server through the App. For the detailed steps, see Mobile Activation.

  2. Internet connection

    If the server has access to the internet, it can be activated through Lenovo XClarity Controller. For the detailed steps, see Web Activation.

Customer's responsibility:

  • Keep Secure Activation Code (provided in flyer).

  • Maintain a back up of SED AK, see Backup the Self Encryption Drive Authentication Key (SED AK).

  • Move SE350 system to a safe working place for service.

  • Prepare the cable of mobile phone.

  • Engage IT department so they can help to claim or activate device when required.

  • Confirm if the SE350 system is claimed. If not, work with IT department to claim the device.

  • Restore SED AK from the back up file and set the password.

  • Place SE350 system back to the working place after service.

  • Confirm the wireless (network) connectivity is working. Service technician cannot help examine the connection of the device to network.