System board connectors

Use this information to locate compute node system board components and connectors for optional devices.

The following illustration shows the system board components, including connectors for users to install optional devices in the compute node.

Figure 1. System-board connectors
System-board connectors
Table 1. System-board connectors
1 Memory module slots 9–12 9 I/O expansion adapter 2 connector
Note: Ethernet I/O expansion adapter and fiber channel I/O expansion adapter.
2 Processor socket 2 10 Memory module slots 5–8
3 Processor socket 1 11 CMOS battery - CR2032
4 Memory module slots 1–4 12 Memory module slots 13–16
5 I/O expansion adapter 1 connector.
Note: Ethernet I/O expansion adapter only.
13 EDSFF backplane cable connector
6 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) connector 14 Light Path Diagnostics panel
7 M.2 signal socket 15 Switch blocks
Note: The switch blocks are located on the bottom side of the compute node.
8 M.2 power socket 16 Hot-swap drive backplane connector