Install the EDSFF drive backplane assembly

Use this information to install the EDSFF drive backplane assembly.

About this task

Note: Make sure you have the EDSFF backplane cable available.
Watch the procedure.
  • A video of the installation and removal process is available at YouTube


  1. Connecting cable to the EDSFF drive backplane.
    1. Press the latches on both ends of the cable.
    2. Insert cable connector into the slots on backplane.
    Figure 1. Connecting cable to the EDSFF drive backplane
    Connecting cable to the EDSFF drive backplane
  2. Install the backplane assembly.
    1. Align the slots on backplane with the pins on the sides of the storage cage
    2. Align the backplane connector with the connector on system board.
    3. Insert the latch on the cable into the connector on system board.
    Figure 2. EDSFF backplane assembly installation
    EDSFF backplane assembly installation
After you finish
  1. Reinstall the EDSFF drives and fillers. See Install an EDSFF hot-swap drive.

    When pushing the EDSFF drives into the drive bay, touch only the EDSFF drive handle and carefully avoid touching other parts of the EDSFF drive. Touching parts of the EDSFF drive other than its handle when installed may cause damages to the drive.

  2. Proceed to complete the parts replacement. See Complete the parts replacement.