Management Tools

The management tools, including Fan and Power Control (FPC), System Management Module (SMM) and System Management Module 2 (SMM2) in this section, provide chassis/enclosure management functions which can be accessed via their web interface in a web browser.

Supported solutions

The management tools are supported on the following solutions respectively:
System Management Tool Solution Model
ThinkSystem Fan and Power Control (FPC)
  • ThinkSystem SD650 Dual Node DWC Tray Type 7X58 and NeXtScale n1200 DWC Enclosure Type 5468

ThinkSystem System Management Module (SMM)
  • ThinkSystem D2 Enclosure Type 7X20, Modular Enclosure Type 7X22, Modular Enclosure for 6U Configuration Type 7X85 and ThinkSystem SD530 Compute Node Type 7X21

ThinkSystem System Management Module 2 (SMM2)
  • ThinkSystem DA240 Enclosure Type 7D1J and ThinkSystem SD630 V2 Compute Node Type 7D1K

  • ThinkSystem DW612 Neptune DWC Enclosure Type 7D1L and ThinkSystem SD650 V2 / SD650-N V2 Neptune DWC Trays Types 7D1M / 7D1N