This section summarizes the functions of the System Management Module 2 (SMM2) firmware built-in web pages. It supports the Transport Layer Security 1.2 for data encryption over the network and certificate management.

The SMM2 performs the following tasks:

  1. Node status report

  2. Enclosure power and fan status report

  3. Enclosure power and fan configuration management

  4. Enclosure Vital Product Data (VPD) information report

  5. Enclosure event log display, save, and clear

  6. SMM2 configuration and settings backup/restore

The SMM2 web interface supports the following browsers:

Scope of This Document

This user guide provides the process of operating SMM2 and detailed WebGUI. The descriptions include how to check the status, component information and show you how to modify the configuration. It offers the detailed explanation and definition for each function tabs of the SMM2 web pages.

The user guide supports the following enclosures:
  • ThinkSystem DA240 Enclosure Type 7D1J

  • ThinkSystem DW612 Neptune DWC Enclosure Type 7D1L

  • Before using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read and understand the safety information and the safety instructions, which are available at: Safety Information page

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