The Lenovo ThinkSystem Host Utilities for Linux for DE Series tools help you manage Lenovo storage.

Alternatively, you can use the SMdevices utility to perform the same functions as the Host Utilities for Linux. The SMdevices utility is included as part of the SMutils package. The SMutils package is a collection of utilities to verify what the host sees from the storage array. It is included as part of the Lenovo ThinkSystem Host Utilities.
About this task

This section describes how to install ThinkSystem Host Utilities on both the Windows and Linux OS platforms, because both Windows and Linux are common management station platforms when Linux is used for the data host.

  1. Download the Lenovo ThinkSystem Host Utilities from Lenovo Data Center Support by searching "Lenovo ThinkSystem Host Utilities".

  2. Run the Lenovo ThinkSystem Host Utilities.

    Windows Linux

    Double-click the lnvgy_utl_hostutilities_*.exe installation package to start the installation.

    1. Go to the directory where the lnvgy_utl_hostutilities_*.bin installation package is located.

    2. If the temp mount point does not have execute permissions, set the IATEMPDIR variable. Example: IATEMPDIR=/root ./Lnvgy_utl_hostutilities-11.70.0A00.0002.bin

    3. Run the chmod +x Lnvgy_utl_hostutilities_*.bin command to grant execute permission to the file.

    4. Run the ./Lnvgy_utl_hostutilities_*.bin command to start the installer.

  3. Use the installation wizard to install the software on the management station.