To get up and running with DE Series systems, you install hardware components, configure host systems, and configure storage.

Deploying the storage array involves the following workflow:


Step 1: Install hardware

To install the DE Series hardware, access the Installation and Setup instructions for your storage array and shelf type. It comes with your system but can also be accessed as follows:

Step 2: Set up cabinet

If you are setting up a new cabinet for the storage array, you need to move the cabinet to its permanent location, install the hardware, and connect it to a power source.

Step 3: Install rails

When shipped, each shelf includes rack-mounting hardware. For detailed instructions on installing the rails, refer to the installation manual that comes with the rail kit, or refer to:

Step 4: Connect cables

The Installation and Setup instructions (Step 1) include instructions for connecting cables. However, if you need lists of supported cables and transceivers, best practices for cabling, and detailed information about the host ports for your controller, access the following instructions:

Step 5: Configure hosts

To make storage available to a host, go to the Installation and Maintenance Guide page to find the following guides according to the corresponding version of your storage system:

  • Linux express configuration

  • VMware express configuration

  • Windows express configuration

Step 6: Configure storage

To configure storage, you can access the web-based interface, System Manager, by pointing a browser to the controller’s IP address. A setup wizard helps you get started with system configuration. As an alternative, you can also use the command line interface (CLI).

Select the interface you want to use: