You can cable a host directly to a controller or use switches to connect a host to a controller.

If your storage system includes one or more drive shelves, you must cable them to your controller shelf. You can add a new drive shelf while power is still applied to other components of the storage system. In addition, you can connect your storage system to a network for out-of-band management.

The cabling information is intended for a hardware installer or system administrator who is installing or expanding a storage system. It is assumed that you have installed the storage system as described in the Installation and Setup Instructions for your hardware.

Applicable hardware model

Cabling information applies to the following hardware models.

Controller Shelf Drive Shelf

DE6000H (2U24), DE6000F(2U24), DE2000H/DE4000H (2U12), DE2000H/DE4000H (2U24), DE4000F(2U24)

DE120S (2U12), DE240S (2U24)

DE4000H (4U60), DE6000H (4U60)


DE6400H (2U) and DE6600H(2U)

DE120S (2U12), DE240S (2U24), and DE600S (4U60)

DE6400F (2U) and DE6600F (2U)

DE240S (2U24)

For information about cabling to support mirroring features, see the Lenovo DE Series Synchronous And Asynchronous Mirroring Feature Description and Deployment Guide.