Before you replace or add a DE2000H or DE4000H controller, review the requirements and considerations.

Each controller canister contains a controller card, a battery, and an optional host interface card (HIC).

These procedures apply to IOM12 and IOM12B drive shelves.

IOM12B modules are only supported on ThinkSystem SAN OS 11.70.2 onward. Ensure your controller’s firmware has been updated before installing or upgrading to an IOM12B.
These procedures are for like-for-like shelf IOM hot-swaps or replacements. This means you can only replace an IOM12 module with another IOM12 module or replace an IOM12B module with another IOM12B module. (Your shelf can have two IOM12 modules or have two IOM12B modules.)

Requirements for replacing controller

When you replace a failed controller canister, you must remove the battery and HIC, if one is installed, from the original controller canister, and install them in the replacement controller canister.

You can determine if you have a failed controller canister in two ways:

  • The Recovery Guru in ThinkSystem System Manager directs you to replace the controller canister.

  • The amber Attention LED on the controller canister is on, indicating that the controller has a fault.

28 dwg 2800 controller attn led maint e2800

(1) Attention LED

The figure shows an example controller canister; the host ports on your controller canister might be different.

Before you replace a controller, you must have:

  • A replacement controller canister with the same part number as the controller canister you are replacing.

  • An ESD wristband, or you have taken other antistatic precautions.

  • Labels to identify each cable that is connected to the controller canister.

  • #1 Phillips screwdriver.

  • A management station with a browser that can access ThinkSystem System Manager for the controller. (To open the System Manager interface, point the browser to the controller’s domain name or IP address.)

Duplex configuration requirements

If the controller shelf has two controllers (duplex configuration), you can replace a controller canister while your storage array is powered on and performing host I/O operations, as long as the following conditions are true:

  • The second controller canister in the shelf has Optimal status.

  • The OK to remove field in the Details area of the Recovery Guru in ThinkSystem System Manager displays Yes, indicating that it is safe to remove this component.