The multipath.conf file is the configuration file for the multipath daemon, multipathd. The multipath.conf file overrides the built-in configuration table for multipathd. Any line in the file with a first non-white-space character of # is considered a comment line.

For ThinkSystem SAN OS 11.50 and newer, Lenovo recommends using the default settings as provided.

The multipath.conf files are generated as:

Alternatively, edit /etc/multipath.conf content manually and add the section below:

devices {
      device {
        vendor "LENOVO"
        product "DE_Series"
        product_blacklist "Universal Xport"
        path_grouping_policy "group_by_prio"
        path_checker "rdac"
        features "2 pg_init_retries 50"
        hardware_handler "1 rdac"
        prio "rdac"
        failback immediate
        rr_weight "uniform"
        no_path_retry 30
        retain_attached_hw_handler yes
        detect_prio yes