As a first step, you should verify that your Linux configuration is supported and also review the controller, switch, host, and recovery restrictions.

Verify the Linux configuration is supported

To ensure reliable operation, you create an implementation plan and then use the Lenovo Storage Interoperation Center (LSIC) to verify that the entire configuration is supported.

  1. Go to Lenovo Storage Interoperation Center (LSIC) for interop support configuration.

  2. Choose your storage model, firmware, protocol, HBA, and operating system and click here for guidance on how to use LSIC to search the products support configuration.

    lsic search
  3. Select the criteria you know you want for your configuration, and then see what compatible configuration elements apply.

  4. As necessary, make the updates for your operating system and protocol that are prescribed in the tool.

    Detailed information for your chosen configuration is accessible on the View Supported Configurations page by clicking the right page arrow.

Verify NVMe over RoCE restrictions

Before using NVMe over RoCE, see the Lenovo Storage Interoperation Center (LSIC) to review the latest controller, host, and recovery restrictions.

Switch restrictions

RISK OF DATA LOSS. You must enable flow control for use with Global Pause Control on the switch to eliminate the risk of data loss in an NVMe over RoCE environment.

Storage and disaster recovery restrictions

  • Asynchronous and synchronous mirroring are not supported.

  • Thin provisioning (the creation of thin volumes) is not supported.