Before using the volume, verify that the host can write data to the LUN and read it back.

Before you begin

You must have initialized the LUN and formatted it with a file system.

  1. Create and write to a file on the new LUN.

    > echo test file > f:\\test.txt
  2. Read the file and verify data was written.

    > type f:\\test.txt
  3. To verify that multipath is working, change the volume ownership.

    1. From the ThinkSystem System Manager GUI, go to Storage > Volumes, and then select More > Change ownership.

    2. On the Change Volume Ownership dialog box, use the Preferred Owner pull-down to select the other controller for one of the volumes in the list, and then confirm the operation.

    3. Verify that you can still access the files on the LUN.

      > dir f:\\
  4. Find the target ID.

    The dsmUtil utility is case sensitive.
    > C:\\Program Files \(x86\)\\DSMDrivers\\mppdsm\\dsmUtil.exe -a
  5. View the paths to the LUN and verify that you have the expected number of paths. In the <target ID> portion of the command, use the target ID that you found in the previous step.

    > C:\\Program Files \(x86\)\\DSMDrivers\\mppdsm\\dsmUtil.exe –g <target ID\>