This site includes information for specific DE Series releases, models, and components.

What’s included What’s not included

This site includes information for the following releases and component types:

  • ThinkSystem SAN OS software — version 11.70.4 and later.

  • Controller firmware — version 8.74 and later.

  • Controller types — All DE2000H, DE4000H, DE4000F, DE6000H, DE6000F, DE6400H, DE6400F, DE6600H and DE6600F models.

  • Interface types

    • Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NVMe — supported on all controllers

    • SAS — supported on DE2000, DE4000 and DE6000

    • iSER, SRP and NVMe/IB — supported on DE6400 and DE6600

    • NVMe/RoCE and NVMe/FC  — supported on DE6000, DE6400, and DE6600

  • Operating systems installed on hosts — Linux, VMware, and Windows.

    Additional interfaces and operating systems might be supported. For more information, contact technical support.

This site does not include information for releases earlier than software version 11.70.4 or firmware version 8.74. For earlier releases, go to the ThinkSystem DE Series and SAN OS Document Resources.

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