Follow this procedure to change the host port protocol in a DE6400 or DE6600 array. This procedure applies only to host interface cards (HICs) using either Infiniband (IB) or Fibre Channel (FC).

Step 1: Obtain the feature pack key

To obtain the feature pack key, you need the serial number from the controller shelf, a feature code, and the Feature Enable Identifier for the storage array.

  1. Locate the serial number.

    1. From ThinkSystem System Manager, select Support  Support Center.

    2. With the Support Resources tab selected, scroll to the View top storage array properties section.

    3. Locate the Chassis Serial Number, and copy this value to a text file.

      sam1130 ss de2000 4000 storage array profile sn smid copy maint de6600
  2. Locate the feature pack submodel ID.

    1. From the ThinkSystem System Manager, select Support.

    2. Select the Support Center tile.

    3. On the Support Resources tab, locate and select the Storage Array Profile link.

    4. Type feature pack submodel ID in the text box, and click Find.

    5. Locate the feature pack submodel ID for the starting configuration.

      storage array profile2 maint de6600
  3. Using the feature pack submodel ID, locate the corresponding Controller submodel ID for the starting configuration and find the feature code for the desired ending configuration. Then, copy that feature code to a text file.

    For details about submodel IDs, protocol changes, feature codes, URLs and Premium Feature Key Enabling Procedures, refer to: Premium Feature Key Enabling Procedure.

If your controller submodel ID is not listed, contact Lenovo Data Center Support.
  1. In System Manager, locate the Feature Enable Identifier.

    1. Go to Settings  System.

    2. Scroll down to Add-ons.

    3. Under Change Feature Pack, locate the Feature Enable Identifier.

    4. Copy and paste this 32-digit number to a text file.

      sam1130 ss de2000 4000 change feature pack feature enable identifier copy maint de6600
  2. Go to Lenovo Feature on Demand, and enter the information required to obtain the feature pack.

    • Chassis Serial Number

    • feature code

    • Feature Enable Identifier

The Premium Feature Activation web site includes a link to “Premium Feature Activation Instructions”. Do not attempt to use those instructions for this procedure. . Choose whether to receive the key file for the feature pack in an email or download it directly from the site.

Step 2: Stop host I/O

Stop all I/O operations from the host before converting the protocol of the host ports.

You cannot access data on the storage array until you successfully complete the conversion.

  1. Ensure that no I/O operations are occurring between the storage array and all connected hosts. For example, you can perform these steps:

    • Stop all processes that involve the LUNs mapped from the storage to the hosts.

    • Ensure that no applications are writing data to any LUNs mapped from the storage to the hosts.

    • Unmount all file systems associated with volumes on the array.

      The exact steps to stop host I/O operations depend on the host operating system and the configuration, which are beyond the scope of these instructions. If you are not sure how to stop host I/O operations in your environment, consider shutting down the host.
      Possible data loss — If you continue this procedure while I/O operations are occurring, you might lose data.
  2. Wait for any data in cache memory to be written to the drives.

    The green Cache Active LED on the back of each controller is on when cached data needs to be written to the drives. You must wait for this LED to turn off.

  3. From the Home page of ThinkSystem System Manager, select View Operations in Progress.

  4. Wait for all operations to complete before continuing with the next step.

Step 3: Change the feature pack

Change the feature pack to convert the host protocol of your host ports.

  1. From ThinkSystem System Manager, select Settings  System.

  2. Under Add-ons, select Change Feature Pack.

    sam1130 ss system change feature pack maint de6600
  3. Click Browse, and then select the feature pack you want to apply.

  4. Type CHANGE in the field.

  5. Click Change.

    The feature pack migration begins. Both controllers automatically reboot twice to allow the new feature pack to take effect. The storage array returns to a responsive state after the reboot is complete.

  6. Confirm the host ports have the protocol you expect.

    1. From ThinkSystem System Manager, select Hardware.

    2. Click Show back of shelf.

    3. Select the graphic for either Controller A or Controller B.

    4. Select View settings from the context menu.

    5. Select the Host Interfaces tab.

    6. Click Show more settings.

What’s next?

Go to Complete host protocol conversion.