For SNMP alerts, you can optionally configure Management Information Base (MIB) variables that appear in SNMP traps. These variables can return the storage array name, array location, and a contact person.

Before you begin

The MIB file must be copied and compiled on the server with the SNMP service application.

If you do not have a MIB file, you can obtain it as follows:

  1. Go to Lenovo Data Center Support.

  2. Enter your storage model and click Search to search by product.

  3. Select Download.

  4. Select Software and Utilities.

  5. Scroll down until you see the MIB file for your controller type, and then click the link to download file.

  6. Enter your serial number to continue to your download.

About this task

This task describes how to define MIB variables for SNMP traps. These variables can return the following values in response to SNMP GetRequests:

  1. Select Settings  Alerts.

  2. Select the SNMP tab.

  3. Select Configure SNMP MIB Variables.

    The Configure SNMP MIB Variables dialog box opens.

  4. Enter one or more of the following values, and then click Save.

    • Name — The value for the MIB variable sysName. For example, enter a name for the storage array.

    • Location — The value for the MIB variable sysLocation. For example, enter a location of the storage array.

    • Contact — The value for the MIB variable sysContact. For example, enter an administrator responsible for the storage array.


These values appear in SNMP trap messages for storage array alerts.