To enable a premium feature or feature pack on your storage array, you must first obtain a feature key file. A key is associated with only one storage array.

About this task

This task describes how to gather required information for the feature, and then send a request for a feature key file. Required information includes:

  1. In System Manager, locate and record the chassis serial number. You can view this serial number by hovering your mouse over the Support Center tile.

  2. In System Manager, locate the Feature Enable Identifier. Go to Settings  System, and then scroll down to Add-ons. Look for the Feature Enable Identifier. Record the number for the Feature Enable Identifier.

  3. Locate and record the code for feature activation. For features packs, this code is provided in the appropriate instructions for performing the conversion.

    Lenovo instructions are available from Lenovo DE Series Systems Documentation Center.

    For premium features, you can access the activation code from the Support site. For detailed operations, refer to the DE Series Premium Feature Key Enabling Procedures

  4. Request a feature key file by sending an email or a text document to your storage supplier with the following information: chassis serial number, the enable identifier, and the code for feature activation.

    You can also go to Lenovo Feature on Demand and enter the required information to obtain the feature or feature pack. (The instructions on this site are for premium features, not feature packs.)

After you finish

When you have a feature key file, you can enable the premium feature or feature pack.