You can create a volume as a container in which applications, databases, and file systems store data. When creating a volume, you also select a workload to customize the storage array configuration for a specific application.

What are volumes and workloads?

A volume is the logical component created with specific capacity for the host to access. Although a volume might consist of more than one drive, a volume appears as one logical component to the host. Once a volume is defined, you can add it to a workload. A workload is a storage object that supports an application, such as SQL Server or Exchange, which you can use to optimize storage for that application.

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How do you create volumes and workloads?

First, you create a workload. Go to Storage  Volumes and open a wizard that guides you through the steps. Next, you create a volume from the capacity available in a pool or a volume group, and then assign the workload you created.

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