You can test the communication link to diagnose possible communication problems between the local storage array and the remote storage array associated with a mirror consistency group.

Before you begin

The mirror consistency group that you want to test must exist on the local and remote storage arrays.

About this task

You can run four different tests:

  1. Select Storage  Asynchronous Mirroring.

  2. Select the Mirror Consistency Groups tab, and then select the mirror consistency group that you want to test.

  3. Select Test Communication.

    The Test Communication dialog box appears.

  4. Select one or more communication tests to perform between the local and remote storage arrays associated with the selected mirror consistency group, and then click Test.

  5. Review the information displayed in the Results window.

    Communication Test Status Description

    Normal with no errors

    The mirror consistency group is communicating correctly.

    Passed status (but not normal)

    Check possible network or connection problems and retry the test.

    Failed status

    The reason for the failure is indicated. Refer to the Recovery Guru to correct the problem.

    Port connection error

    The reason may be that the local storage array is not connected or the remote storage array cannot be contacted. Refer to the Recovery Guru to correct the problem.


After the communication test completes, this dialog box shows a Normal status, a Passed status, or a Failed status.

If the communication test returns a Failed status, the test continues to run after you close this dialog box until communication between the mirror consistency groups is restored.