You can clear the audit log of old events, which makes searching through events more manageable. You have the option of saving old events to a CSV (comma-separated values) file upon deletion.

Before you begin

You must be logged in with a user profile that includes Security admin permissions. Otherwise, the Access Management functions do not appear.

  1. Select Settings  Access Management.

  2. Select the Audit Log tab.

  3. Select Delete.

    The Delete Audit Log dialog box opens.

  4. Select or enter the number of oldest events that you want to delete.

  5. If you want to export the deleted events to a CSV file (recommended), keep the checkbox selected. You will be prompted to enter a file name and location when you click Delete in the next step. Otherwise, if you do not want to save events to a CSV file, click the checkbox to deselect it.

  6. Click Delete.

    A confirmation dialog box opens.

  7. Type delete in the field, and then click Delete.

    The oldest events are removed from the Audit Log page.