Storage array status

When you open ThinkSystem SAN Manager , communication with each storage array is established and the status for each storage array is displayed.

You can view the status of the storage array and the status of the connection between the Web Services Proxy and that storage array.

Status Indicates
Optimal The storage array is in an optimal state. There are no certificate issues and the password is valid.
Invalid Password An invalid storage array password was provided.
Untrusted Certificate One or more connections with the storage array is untrusted because the HTTPS certificate is either self-signed and has not been imported, or the certificate is CA-signed and the root and intermediate CA certificates have not been imported.
Needs Attention There is a problem with the storage array that requires your intervention to correct it.
Lockdown The storage array is in a locked-down state.
Unknown The storage array has never been contacted. This can happen when the Web Services Proxy is starting up and has not yet made contact with the storage array, or the storage array is offline and has never been contacted since the Web Services Proxy was started.
Offline The Web Services Proxy had previously contacted the storage array, but now has lost all connection to it.