Manage software repository

The software repository lists all software files associated with the ThinkSystem SAN OS Web Services Proxy. If you do not see the file that you want to use, you can use the Manage Software Repository option to import one or more ThinkSystem SAN OS files to the host system where the Web Services Proxy and SAN Manager are running. You can also choose to delete one or more ThinkSystem SAN OS files that are available in the software repository.

  1. From the main view, select Manage, and then select Upgrade Center > Manage ThinkSystem SAN OS Software Repository.

    The Manage Software Repository dialog appears.

  2. Do one of the following actions:
    Option Do this....
    1. Click Import.
    2. Click Browse, and then navigate to the location where the OS files you want to add reside.

      OS files have a filename similar to lnvgy_fw_storage_XXXX_anyos_noarch.dlp.

    3. Select one or more OS files that you want to add, and then click Import.
    1. Select one or more OS files that you want to remove from the software repository.
    2. Click Delete.
    If you selected import, the file(s) are uploaded and validated. If you selected delete, the files are removed from the software repository.