Enter network address

You enter a network address range to search across the local sub-network. Any storage array successfully reached appears on the Discover page and might be added to your management domain.

If you need to stop the discovery operation for any reason, click Stop Discovery .

  1. From the Manage page, select Add/Discover .

    The Add/Discover storage arrays dialog appears.

  2. Select the Discover all storage arrays within a network address range radio button.
  3. Enter the starting network address and ending network address to search across your local sub-network, and then click Start Discovery .

    The discovery process starts. This discovery process can take several minutes to complete. The table on the Discover page is populated as the storage arrays are discovered.

    Note: If no manageable arrays are discovered, verify that the storage arrays are properly connected to your network and their assigned addresses are within range. Click New Discovery Parameters to return to the Add/Discover page.
  4. Review the list of discovered storage arrays.
  5. Select the checkbox next to any storage array that you want to add to your management domain, and then click Next .

    ThinkSystem SAN Manager performs a credential check on each array you are adding to the management domain. You might need to resolve any self-signed certificates and untrusted certificates associated with that array.

  6. Click Next to proceed to the next step in the wizard.
  7. Go to Resolve self-signed certificates during discovery .