Edit directory server settings and role mappings

If you previously configured a directory server in Access Management, you can change its settings at any time. Settings include the server connection information and the group-to-role mappings.

Before you begin

  1. Select Access Management .
  2. Select the Directory Services tab.
  3. If more than one server is defined, select the server you want to edit from the table.
  4. Select View/Edit Settings .
    The Directory Server Settings dialog box opens.
  5. In the Server Settings tab, change the desired settings.

  6. In the Role Mapping tab, change the desired mapping.

    Note: The Monitor role is required for all users, including the administrator.
  7. If desired, click Add another mapping to enter more group-to-role mappings.
  8. Click Save .
After you complete this task, any active user sessions are terminated. Only your current user session is retained.