Set storage array management interface

The set storageArray managementInterface command changes the management interface of the controller. Change the management interface type to enforce confidentiality between the storage array and its management software or to access external tools.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to an individual DE2000H, DE4000H, DE4000F, DE6000H, or DE6000F storage array.


To execute this command on an storage array, you must have the Security Admin role.


set storageArray managementInterface restOnly={true | false}


Parameter Description

When set to true , indicates that the RESTful interface is the only management interface allowed. This interface enforces an encrypted connection between the storage array and the management software.

When set to false , indicates that the legacy interface between the storage array and the management software is allowed. This interface is not encrypted.

Some tools that communicate directly with the legacy management interface, such as the ThinkSystem SAN OS SMI-S Provider or OnCommand Insight (OCI), will not work unless the restOnly parameter is set to false . Contact technical support for more information.


SMcli -n Array1 -c "set storageArray managementInterface restOnly=true;"

SMcli completed successfully.