Alphabetical List - CLI Commands for Storage Administrators

Activate asynchronous mirroring

Activate Synchronous Mirroring

Add drives to SSD cache

Add member to consistency group

Add volume to asynchronous mirror group

Autoconfigure storage array

Autoconfigure storage array hot spares

Cancel asynchronous mirror group role reversal

Change SSD cache application type

Check asynchronous mirror group consistency

Check repository consistency

Check storage array connectivity

Check synchronous mirroring status

Check volume parity

Clear asynchronous mirroring fault

Clear drive channel statistics

Clear email alert configuration

Clear storage array configuration

Clear storage array event log

Clear storage array firmware pending area

Clear storage array recovery mode

Clear syslog configuration

Clear volume reservations

Clear volume unreadable sectors

Configure email alert settings

Configure syslog settings

Create asynchronous mirror group

Create consistency group

Create consistency group snapshot image

Create consistency group snapshot volume

Create consistency group snapshot volume mapping

Create disk pool

Create host

Create host group

Create host port

Create initiator

Create RAID volume (automatic drive select)

Create RAID volume (free extent based select)

Create RAID volume (manual drive select)

Create read-only snapshot volume

Create snapshot group

Create snapshot image

Create snapshot volume

Create SSD cache

Create synchronous mirroring

Create volume copy

Create volume group

Create volume in disk pool

Deactivate asynchronous mirroring

Deactivate synchronous mirroring

Delete asynchronous mirror group

Delete consistency group

Delete consistency group snapshot image

Delete consistency group snapshot volume

Delete disk pool

Delete email alert recipient

Delete host

Delete host group

Delete host port

Delete initiator

Delete snapshot group

Delete snapshot image

Delete snapshot volume

Delete SSD cache

Delete syslog server

Delete volume

Delete volume from disk pool

Delete volume group

Diagnose controller

Diagnose controller

Diagnose controller iSCSI host cable

Diagnose synchronous mirroring

Disable storage array feature

Display storage array user session

Download drive firmware

Download environmental card firmware

Download storage array drive firmware

Download storage array firmware/NVSRAM

Download storage array NVSRAM

Download tray configuration settings

Enable controller data transfer

Enable disk pool security

Enable or disable ODX

Enable or disable AutoSupport (all individual arrays)

Enable or disable AutoSupport maintenance window

Enable or disable the AutoSupport OnDemand feature

Enable or disable the AutoSupport Remote Diagnostics feature

Enable or disable host connectivity reporting

Enable or disable VAAI

Enable storage array feature

Enable volume group security

Establish asynchronous mirrored pair

Increase capacity of volume in disk pool or volume group

Initialize thin volume

Recopy volume copy

Recover disabled drive ports

Recover RAID volume

Recover SAS port mis-wire

Reduce disk pool capacity

Register SNMP community

Register SNMP trap destination

Remove drives from SSD cache

Remove incomplete asynchronous mirrored pair from asynchronous mirror group

Remove member volume from consistency group

Remove synchronous mirroring

Remove volume copy

Remove volume from asynchronous mirror group

Remove volume LUN mapping

Rename snapshot volume

Rename SSD cache

Repair volume parity

Replace drive

Reset asynchronous mirror group statistics

Reset AutoSupport message collection schedule

Reset controller

Reset drive

Reset iSCSI IP address

Reset storage array diagnostic data

Reset storage array host port statistics baseline

Reset storage array RLS baseline

Reset storage array SAS PHY baseline

Reset storage array SOC baseline

Reset storage array volume distribution

Resume asynchronous mirror group

Resume consistency group snapshot volume

Resume snapshot image rollback

Resume snapshot volume

Resume SSD cache

Resume synchronous mirroring

Retrieve an AutoSupport log

Revive drive

Revive snapshot group

Revive snapshot volume

Revive volume group

Save asynchronous mirror group statistics

Save controller NVSRAM

Save drive log

Save input output controller (IOC) dump

Save auto-load balancing statistics

Save storage array configuration

Save storage array controller health image

Save storage array diagnostic data

Save storage array events

Save storage array firmware inventory

Save storage array host port statistics

Save storage array login banner

Save storage array performance statistics

Save storage array RLS counts

Save storage array SAS PHY counts

Save storage array SOC counts

Save storage array state capture

Save storage array support data

Save tray log

Set asynchronous mirror group

Set AutoSupport message collection schedule

Set consistency group attributes

Set consistency group snapshot volume

Set controller

Set controller DNS settings

Set controller host port properties

Set controller NTP settings

Set controller service action allowed indicator

Set disk pool

Set disk pool (modify disk pool)

Set drawer service action allowed indicator

Set drive channel status

Set drive hot spare

Set drive service action allowed indicator

Set drive state

Set FIPS drive security identifier

Set foreign drive to native

Set host

Set host channel

Set host group

Set host port

Set initiator

Set read-only snapshot volume to read/write volume

Set session

Set snapshot group attributes

Set snapshot group media scan

Set snapshot group repository volume capacity

Set snapshot group schedule

Set snapshot volume media scan

Set snapshot volume repository volume capacity

Set SSD cache for a volume

Set storage array

Set storage array controller health image allow overwrite

Set storage array to enable or disable Automatic Load Balancing

Set storage array to enable or disable cache mirror data assurance check

Set storage array ICMP response

Set storage array iSNS registration

Set storage array iSNS server IPv4 address

Set storage array iSNS server IPv6 address

Set storage array iSNS server listening port

Set storage array iSNS server refresh

Set storage array controller battery learn cycle

Set storage array local user password or SYMbol password

Set storage array password length

Set storage array PQ validation on reconstruct

Set storage array redundancy mode

Set storage array time

Set storage array tray positions

Set storage array unnamed discovery session

Set synchronous mirroring

Set target properties

Set thin volume attributes

Set tray identification

Set tray service action allowed indicator

Set volume attributes for a volume in a disk pool

Set volume attributes for a volume in a volume group

Set volume copy

Set volume group

Set volume group forced state

Set volume mapping

Show asynchronous mirror groups

Show asynchronous mirror group synchronization progress

Show AutoSupport configuration

Show consistency group

Show consistency group snapshot image

Show controller

Show controller NVSRAM

Show current iSCSI sessions

Show disk pool

Show drive

Show drive channel statistics

Show drive download progress

Show drive performance statistics

Show email alert configuration

Show host ports

Show replaceable drives

Show snapshot group

Show snapshot image

Show snapshot volumes

Show SNMP communities

Show SNMP MIB II system group variables

Show SSD cache

Show SSD cache statistics

Show storage array

Show storage array auto configuration

Show storage array cache mirror data assurance check enable

Show storage array controller health image

Show storage array DBM database

Show storage array host connectivity reporting

Show storage array host topology

Show storage array LUN mappings

Show storage array negotiation defaults

Show storage array ODX setting

Show storage array power information

Show storage array unreadable sectors

Show string

Show synchronous mirroring volume candidates

Show synchronous mirroring volume synchronization progress

Show syslog configuration

Show thin volume

Show unconfigured initiators

Show volume

Show volume copy

Show volume copy source candidates

Show volume copy target candidates

Show volume group

Show volume group export dependencies

Show volume group import dependencies

Show volume performance statistics

Show volume reservations

Start asynchronous mirroring synchronization

Specify the Email (SMTP) delivery method

Specify AutoSupport HTTP(S) delivery method

Start consistency group snapshot rollback

Start controller trace

Start disk pool locate

Start drive channel locate

Start drive initialize

Start drive locate

Start drive reconstruction

Start input output controller (IOC) dump

Start iSCSI DHCP refresh

Start FDE secure drive erase

Start snapshot image rollback

Start SSD cache locate

Start SSD cache performance modeling

Start storage array configuration database diagnostic

Start storage array controller health image

Start storage array iSNS server refresh

Start storage array locate

Start synchronous mirroring synchronization

Start tray locate

Start volume group defragment

Start volume group export

Start volume group import

Start volume group locate

Start volume initialization

Stop consistency group snapshot rollback

Stop consistency group snapshot volume

Stop disk pool locate

Stop drive channel locate

Stop drive locate

Stop drive replace

Stop pending snapshot images on consistency group

Stop snapshot group pending snapshot images

Stop snapshot image rollback

Stop snapshot volume

Stop SSD cache locate

Stop SSD cache performance modeling

Stop storage array configuration database diagnostic

Stop storage array drive firmware download

Stop storage array iSCSI session

Stop storage array locate

Stop tray locate

Stop volume copy

Stop volume group locate

Suspend asynchronous mirror group

Suspend SSD cache

Suspend synchronous mirroring

Test asynchronous mirror group connectivity

Test AutoSupport delivery settings

Test email alert configuration

Test SNMP trap destination

Test syslog configuration

Unregister SNMP community

Unregister SNMP trap destination

Update SNMP community

Update SNMP MIB II system group variables

Update SNMP trap destination