Changes in the CLI and script commands in this release

The following table lists changes to the CLI and Script Commands with this release of ThinkSystem System Manager 11.50.2 .

Table 1. ThinkSystem System Manager 11.50.2
Command Description of Change
Check storage array connectivity

Revised remoteStorageArrayWwid parameter name.

Download environmental card firmware

Updated Important note.

Set thin volume attributes

Update repositoryMaxCapacity and addRepositoryCapacity parameters.

Create initiator

Added NVMe over RoCE compatibility.

Delete initiator

Added NVMe over RoCEl compatibility.

Set initiator

Added NVMe over RoCE compatibility.

Create snapshot group

Added a note to the context section.

Set controller host port properties

Modifed the description of the maxFramePayload portSpeed parameters. Added information about the NVMe over RoCE settings. Noted that the IPv4VlanId, IPv6VlanId, IPv4Priority, IPv6Priority, enableIPv6Priority, enableIPv4Priority, enableIPv6Vlan, and enableIPv4Vlan parameters are not supported in an NVMe over RoCE environment.