Support Administrator Commands

Activate asynchronous mirroring

Activate Synchronous Mirroring

Clear drive channel statistics

Clear email alert configuration

Clear syslog configuration

Configure syslog settings

Deactivate asynchronous mirroring

Deactivate synchronous mirroring

Delete email alert recipient

Delete syslog server

Disable storage array feature

Download drive firmware

Download environmental card firmware

Download storage array drive firmware

Download storage array firmware/NVSRAM

Download storage array NVSRAM

Download tray configuration settings

Enable or disable ODX

Enable or disable the AutoSupport OnDemand feature

Enable or disable the AutoSupport Remote Diagnostics feature

Enable storage array feature

Recover SAS port mis-wire

Register SNMP community

Register SNMP trap destination

Reset AutoSupport message collection schedule

Retrieve an AutoSupport log

Revive drive

Revive snapshot group

Revive snapshot volume

Revive volume group

Save controller NVSRAM

Set asynchronous mirror group

Set AutoSupport message collection schedule

Set controller NTP settings

Set drive channel status

Set session

Set storage array local user password or SYMbol password

Set tray service action allowed indicator

Show AutoSupport configuration

Show email alert configuration

Show SNMP communities

Show SNMP MIB II system group variables

Show syslog configuration

Specify the Email (SMTP) delivery method

Specify AutoSupport HTTP(S) delivery method

Test AutoSupport delivery settings

Test email alert configuration

Test SNMP trap destination

Test syslog configuration

Update SNMP community

Update SNMP MIB II system group variables

Update SNMP trap destination