Enable volume group security

The enable volumeGroup security command converts a non-secure volume group to a secure volume group.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to an individual DE2000H, DE4000H, DE4000F, DE6000H, or DE6000F storage array.


To execute this command on an storage array, you must have the Storage Admin role.


enable volumeGroup [volumeGroupName] security


Parameter Description
volumeGroup The name of the volume group that you want to place in the Security Enabled state. Enclose the volume group name in square brackets ([ ]).


These conditions must be met to successfully run this command.

The controller firmware creates a lock that restricts access to the FDE drives. FDE drives have a state called Security Capable. When you create a security key, the state is set to Security Enabled, which restricts access to all FDE drives that exist within the storage array.