Start volume group import

The start volumeGroup import command moves a volume group into a Complete state to make a newly introduced volume group available to its new storage array.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to an individual DE2000H, DE4000H, DE4000F, DE6000H, or DE6000F storage array.


To execute this command on an storage array, you must have the Storage Admin role.


The volume group must be in an Exported state or a Forced state before you run this command. Upon successfully running the command, the volume group is operational.

Note: Within the volume group, you cannot move volumes that are associated with the features from one storage array to another storage array.


start volumeGroup [volumeGroupName] import


Parameter Description
volumeGroup The name of the volume group that you want to import. Enclose the volume group name in square brackets ([ ]).


Higher-level volumes that are specifically related to features (Synchronous Mirroring, Volume Copy, mapping, and persistent reservations) are removed as part of the import operation.

You must run the show volumeGroup importDependencies command before you run the start volumeGroup import command.