Set storage array directory server role mapping

The set storageArray directoryServer roles command allows you to define role mappings for a specified directory server. These role mappings are used to authenticate users that attempt to execute various SMcli commands.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to an individual DE2000H, DE4000H, DE4000F, DE6000H, or DE6000F storage array.


To execute this command on an storage array, you must have the Security Admin role.

Before you begin

The following roles are available to be mapped:


set storageArray directoryServer ["domainId"] 
    groupDN="groupDistinguishedName" roles=("role1"..."roleN")


Parameter Description
directoryServer Allows you to specify the domain by its ID for which you want to set up role mappings.
groupDN Allows you to specify the group's distinguished name (DN) to be added to the mapping list.
roles Allows you to specify one or more roles for the user(s) in the defined group. If you enter more than one role, separate the values with a space. Valid choices are:
  • storage.monitor

  • storage.admin

  • security.admin

  • support.admin


SMcli -n Array1 -c "set storageArray directoryServer ["domain1"]
                    roles=("storage.monitor" "security.admin" "storage.admin");"

SMcli -n Array1 -c "set storageArray directoryServer ["domain1"]

SMcli completed successfully.