Delete snapshot volume

The delete snapVolume command deletes a snapshot volume and optionally the associated snapshot repository members.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to an individual DE2000H, DE4000H, DE4000F, DE6000H, or DE6000F storage array.


To execute this command on an storage array, you must have the Storage Admin role.


Note: You cannot use this command for snapshot images involved in online volume copy.


delete snapVolume ["snapVolumeName"] 
[deleteRepositoryMembers=(TRUE | FALSE)]


Parameter Description
snapVolume The name of the snapshot volume that you want to delete. Enclose the snapshot volume name in double quotation marks (" ") inside square brackets ([ ]).
deleteRepositoryMembers The parameter to save or delete the repository members. To save the repository members, set this parameter to FALSE . To delete the repository members, set this parameter to TRUE . The default value is TRUE . If you do not use this parameter, the repository members are automatically deleted.