Activate staged software files (optional)

You can choose to activate the software file immediately or wait until a more convenient time. This procedure assumes you chose to activate the software file at a later time.

Attention: You cannot stop the activation process after it starts.
  1. From the main view, select Manage. If necessary, click the Status column to sort, at the top of the page, all storage arrays with a status of "OS Upgrade (awaiting activation)."
  2. Select one or more storage arrays that you want to activate software for, and then select Upgrade Center > Activate Staged OS Software.

    The following actions occur during the upgrade operation:

    • A pre-upgrade health check runs as part of the upgrade process. The pre-upgrade health check assesses all storage array components to make sure that the upgrade can proceed.
    • If any health check fails for a storage array, the upgrade stops. You can click the ellipsis (…) and select Save Log to review the errors. You can also choose to override the health check error and then click Continue to proceed with the upgrade.
    • You can cancel the upgrade operation after the pre-upgrade health check.

    On successful completion of the pre-upgrade health check, activation occurs. The time it takes to activate depends on your storage array configuration and the components that you are activating.

  3. (Optional) After the upgrade is complete, you can see a list of what was upgraded for a specific storage array by clicking the ellipsis (…) and then selecting Save Log.
    The file is saved in the Downloads folder for your browser with the name activate_log-<date>.json.

Your controller software upgrade is complete. You can resume normal operations.