Download software files from support site

You download the ThinkSystem OS software package from the Lenovo Support Site to your management host system.

Important: Risk of data loss or risk of damage to the storage array - Do not make changes to the storage array while the upgrade is occurring. Maintain power to the storage array.
  1. If your storage array contains only one controller or you do not have a multipath driver installed, stop I/O activity to the storage array to prevent application errors. If your storage array has two controllers and you have a multipath driver installed, you do not need to stop I/O activity.
  2. From the main view, select Manage, and then select one or more storage arrays that you want to upgrade.
  3. Select Upgrade Center > Upgrade ThinkSystem OS Software.

    The Upgrade ThinkSystem OS software page appears.

  4. Download the latest ThinkSystem OS software package from the Support site to your local machine.
    1. Click Add new file to software repository.
    2. Click the link for finding the latest ThinkSystem OS Downloads.
    3. Click the Download Latest Release link.
    4. Follow the remaining instructions to download the ThinkSystem OS file and the NVSRAM file to your local machine.
    Note: Digitally signed firmware is required in version 8.42 and above. If you attempt to download unsigned firmware, an error is displayed and the download is aborted.

Go to Transfer software files to the controllers.