Reinstall controller canister

After installing the host interface card (HIC), you reinstall the controller canister into the controller shelf.

  1. Turn the controller canister over, so that the removable cover faces down.
  2. With the cam handle in the open position, slide the controller canister all the way into the controller shelf.
    The following figures are examples of a 2U and 4U controller shelf:
    Figure 1. 2U controller shelf
    Figure 2. 4U controller shelf
    Controller canister Cam handle
  3. Move the cam handle to the left to lock the controller canister in place.
  4. Reconnect all the cables you removed.
    Attention: Do not connect data cables to the new HIC ports at this time.
  5. (Optional) If you are adding HICs to a two-controller configuration, repeat all steps to remove the second controller canister, install the second HIC, and reinstall the second controller canister.

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