Install the drive shelf and apply power

You install a new drive shelf or a previously installed drive shelf, turn on the power, and check for any LEDs that require attention.

  1. If you are installing a drive shelf that has previously been installed in a storage system, remove the drives. The drives must be installed one at a time later in this procedure.
    If the installation history of the drive shelf that you are installing is unknown, you should assume that it has been previously installed in a storage system.
  2. Install the drive shelf in the rack that holds the storage system components.
    Attention: See the installation instructions for your model for the full procedure for physical installation and power cabling. The installation instructions for your model include notes and warnings that you must take into account to safely install a drive shelf.
  3. Power on the new drive shelf, and confirm that no amber attention LEDs are illuminated on the drive shelf. If possible, resolve any fault conditions before you continue with this procedure.

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