Set up NVMe over Fibre Channel on the host side

NVMe initiator configuration in a Fibre Channel environment includes installing and configuring the nvme-cli package, and enabling the NVMe/FC initiator on the host.

These are the instructions for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 and 32Gb FC HBAs.

  1. Install the nvme-cli package:
    • For SLES15 SP1:
      # zypper install nvme-cli
  2. Enable and start the nvmefc-boot-connections service.
    systemctl enable nvmefc-boot-connections.service
    systemctl start nvmefc-boot-connections.service
  3. Set 1pfc_enable_fc4_type to 3 to enable SLES15 SP1 as an NVMe/FC initiator.
    # cat /etc/modprobe.d/lpfc.conf
    options lpfc lpfc_enable_fc4_type=3
  4. Re-build the initrd to get the Emulex change and the boot parameter change.
    # dracut --force
  5. Reboot the host to reconfigure the Ipfc driver.
    # reboot
    The host is rebooted and the NVMe/FC initiator is enabled on the host.
    Note: After completing the host side setup, configuration of the NVMe over Fibre Channel ports occur automatically.