Download software files from support site

You download the new downloadable package (DLP) software files from the Lenovo Support Web site to your management client.

The time it takes to upgrade depends on your storage array configuration and the components that you are upgrading.

  1. If your storage array contains only one active controller or you do not have a multipath driver installed, stop I/O activity to the storage array to prevent application errors. If your storage array has two active controllers and you have a multipath driver installed, you do not need to stop I/O activity.
  2. Enter a valid DE Series controller Machine Type in the Find Your Product field. For example, 7Y70, 7Y71, 7Y74, 7Y75, 7Y76, 7Y77, 7Y78, 7Y79 or 7Y80.
  3. Select Drivers & Software.
  4. Select Product Firmware.
  5. Select the appropriate Controller Firmware Update Bundle.
  6. Follow the remaining instructions.

    The file to download has a filename similar to lnvgy_fw_storage_11.50.0_anyos_noarch with a .zip or .tar.gz extension.

  7. If you do NOT want to upgrade the IOM firmware at this time, click Suspend IOM Auto-Synchronization.

    If you have a storage array with a single controller, the IOM firmware is not upgraded.

Go to Transfer software files to the controllers..