Configuring host-side networking—iSCSI

You must configure iSCSI networking on the host side so that the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator can establish sessions with the array.

Before you begin

These instructions assume that two NIC ports will be used for iSCSI traffic.

  1. Disable unused network adapter protocols.

    These protocols include, but are not limited to, QoS, File and Print Sharing, and NetBIOS.

  2. Execute > iscsicpl.exe from a terminal window on the host to open the iSCSI Initiator Properties dialog box.
  3. On the Discovery tab, select Discover Portal , and then enter the IP address of one of the iSCSI target ports.
  4. On the Targets tab, select the first target portal you discovered and then select Connect.
  5. Select Enable multi-path, select Add this connection to the list of Favorite Targets, and then select Advanced.
  6. For Local adapter, select Microsoft iSCSI Initiator.
  7. For Initiator IP, select the IP address of a port on the same subnet or VLAN as one of the iSCSI targets.
  8. For Target IP, select the IP address of a port on the same subnet as the Initiator IP selected in the step above.
  9. Retain the default values for the remaining check boxes, and then select OK.
  10. Select OK again as you return to the Connect to Target dialog box.
  11. Repeat this procedure for each initiator port and session (logical path) to the storage array that you want to establish.