NVMe over RoCE worksheet for Linux

You can use this worksheet to record NVMe over RoCE storage configuration information. You need this information to perform provisioning tasks.

Direct connect topology

In a direct connect topology, one or more hosts are directly connected to the subsystem. In the ThinkSystem SAN OS 11.60.2 release, we support a single connection from each host to a subsystem controller, as shown below. In this configuration, one HCA (host channel adapter) port from each host should be on the same subnet as the DE Series controller port it is connected to, but on a different subnet from the other HCA port.

An example configuration that satisfies the requirements consists of four network subnets as follows:

Switch connect topology

In a fabric topology, one or more switches are used. For a list of supported switches, go to the DE Series Product Support Site and look for the Interoperability Matrix document.

NVMe over RoCE: Host identifiers

Locate and document the initiator NQN from each host.

Host port connections Initiator NQN
Host (initiator) 1  
Host (initiator) 2  

NVMe over RoCE: Target NQN

Document the target NQN for the storage array.

Array name Target NQN
Array controller (target)  

NVMe over RoCE: Target NQNs

Document the NQNs to be used by the array ports.

Array controller (target) port connections NQN
Controller A, port 1  
Controller B, port 1  
Controller A, port 2  
Controller B, port 2  

NVMe over RoCE: Mapping host name

Note: The mapping host name is created during the workflow.
Mapping host name  
Host OS type