Configure storage on the host

A new LUN is offline and has no partition or file system when a Windows host first discovers it. You must bring the volume online and initialize it in Windows. Optionally, you can format the LUN with a file system.

The host must have discovered the LUN.

You can initialize the disk as a basic disk with a GPT or MBR partition table. Typically, you format the LUN with a file system such as New Technology File System (NTFS).

  1. From a Windows command prompt, enter the diskpart context.
    > diskpart
  2. View the list of available disks.
    > list disk
  3. Select the disk to bring online.
    > select disk 1
  4. Bring the disk online.
    > online disk
  5. Create a partition.
    > create partition primary
    Note: In Windows Server 2008 and later, you are prompted immediately after creating the partition to format the disk and give it a name. Select Cancel on the prompt to continue using these instructions for formatting and naming the partition.
  6. Assign a drive letter.
    > assign letter=f
  7. Format the disk.
    > format FS=NTFS LABEL=”New Volume” QUICK 
  8. Exit the diskpart context.
    > exit