Remove host interface card

If the controller canister includes a host interface card (HIC), you must remove the HIC from the original controller canister, so you can reuse it in the new controller canister.

  1. Using a #1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that attach the HIC faceplate to the controller canister.
    There are four screws: one on the top, one on the side, and two on the front.

  2. Remove the HIC faceplate.
  3. Using your fingers or a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the three thumbscrews that secure the HIC to the controller card.
  4. Carefully detach the HIC from the controller card by lifting the card up and sliding it back.
    Attention: Be careful not to scratch or bump the components on the bottom of the HIC or on the top of the controller card.
    Host interface card (HIC) Thumbscrews
  5. Place the HIC on a static-free surface.

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