Prepare to replace fan canister

You prepare to replace a fan canister in a 60-drive controller shelf or drive shelf by collecting support data about your storage array and locating the failed component.

This task describes how to prepare to replace a fan canister for the following controller shelves:
  • DE4000H controller shelf (4U)
  • DE6000H controller shelf (4U)
  • DE600S drive shelf
Attention: Possible equipment damage — If you perform this procedure with the power turned on, you must complete it within 30 minutes to prevent the possibility of overheating the equipment.
  1. Collect support data for your storage array using ThinkSystem System Manager.
    1. Select Support > Support Center > Diagnostics.
    2. Select Collect Support Data.
    3. Click Collect.

    The file is saved in the Downloads folder for your browser with the name support-data.7z.

  2. From ThinkSystem System Manager, determine which fan canister has failed.
    1. Select Hardware.
    2. Look at the fan icon to the right of the Shelf drop-down lists to determine which shelf has the failed fan canister.
      If a component has failed, this icon is red.
    3. When you find the shelf with a red icon, select Show back of shelf.
    4. Select either fan canister or the red fan icon.
    5. On the Fans tab, look at the statuses of the fan canisters to determine which fan canister must be replaced.
      A component with a Failed status must be replaced.
      Attention: If the second fan canister in the shelf does not have Optimal status, do not attempt to hot-swap the failed fan canister. Instead, contact technical support for assistance.
    You can also find information about the failed fan canister in the Details area of the Recovery Guru, or you can review the Event Log under Support and filter by Component Type.
  3. From the back of the storage array, look at the Attention LEDs to locate the fan canister you need to remove.

    You must replace the fan canister that has its Attention LED on.

    Attention LED. If this LED displays as Solid amber, then the fan has a fault.

Go to Remove failed fan canister and install new one.