Complete hot add

You complete the hot add by checking for any errors and confirming that the newly added drive shelf uses the latest firmware.

  1. In ThinkSystem System Manager, click Home.
  2. If the link labeled Recover from problems appears at the center top of the page, click the link, and resolve any issues indicated in the Recovery Guru.
  3. In ThinkSystem System Manager, click Hardware, and scroll down, as necessary, to see the newly added drive shelf.
  4. For drives that were previously installed in a different storage system, add one drive at time to the newly installed drive shelf. Wait for each drive to be recognized before you insert the next drive.
    When a drive is recognized by the storage system, the representation of the drive slot in the Hardware page displays as a blue rectangle.
  5. Select Support > Support Center > Support Resources tab.
  6. Click the Software and Firmware Inventory link, and check which versions of the IOM/ESM firmware and the drive firmware are installed on the new drive shelf.
    Note: You might need to scroll down the page to locate this link.
  7. If necessary, upgrade the drive firmware.
    IOM/ESM firmware automatically upgrades to the latest version unless you have disabled the upgrade feature.

The hot add procedure is complete. You can resume normal operations.